Most wanted QSL on Ham Radio


Yan can read an article about P5 here:
“Paul N6PSE: Martti, please share with us your views on HamSphere? Is there any risk of potential new hams enjoying HamSphere and staying with HS rather than getting their radio license?
Martti OH2BH: HamSphere, a simulated Amateur Radio platform, is a great invention. Very real as real-time propagation is now used as a basis for making QSOs, just as we do in the real world. Many other functions are quite advanced as well. One such feature is a real-time exchange of QSLs. You have your partners QSLing instantly in front of you during your QSO. Very neat.
As the intake of youth has diminished dramatically in many countries, this is a great tool to demonstrate Amateur Radio to young people without an immediate need for a license or investment in equipment.
I would not share your concern. A simulator is always a simulator but it will certainly have a role in promoting Amateur Radio among the tablet generation, as the RSGB President labeled today‚Äôs youngsters. Time-honored promotional activities and courses and distance learning work well in many evolving societies but unfortunately not in the Western world with its fast pace of life and a variety of competing activities vying for the souls of young people.”


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